How did we get to this point

Where Life is cheap

That is their thought


Freedom  so many

enjoy this day

Taken for granted

Until it is taken away


Politicians talk

And talk

That’s all they seem to do

Whilst People suffer

For others beliefs


What is the point

Of all the talk


Hell bent on destroying

Our World


Accept each other

Ignore the colours

Fight back for our beliefs

Terrorists must not win

That is the call


Blood and tears

Terrorists want

They must be beaten

But not by WORDS








8 thoughts on ““Terrorists”

  1. I partly agree. ISIS must be utterly smashed militarily and killed or brought to justice. The terrorists in our midst need hunting down. Personally I’d prefer to see them arrested rather than shot. I’d prefer that they were brought to trial and exposed for the sadists they are and then locked up for ever.
    But as well as that we need the words. We need to educate the potential terrorists so that they do not become indoctrinated with the same disease. It was words that ended the IRA terrorism – not guns.

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    1. The IRA, do not be fooled Opher, the IRA never go away never will truly give up what they firmly believe. I do not under any circumstances believe in them, but Irish blood Irish soil all means too much. I agree with Terrorists being captured, I would prefer they are taken alive and questioned, some cases they will have to be shot, but not all of them. Don’t agree with educating potential Terrorists, they should be locked up but saying that these people run our Prisons that is where so many are being radicalized.


  2. Governments don’t know what to do with them period, I wish we had the answers for it all. That Terrorist that tried to kidnap one of our Pilots last week or the week before, well when this terrorist got away he made his way from Norfolk to Colchester and had plans to kidnap and no doubt butcher one of the Parachute Regiment chaps, that are based at Colchester, which is not far from here.

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      1. Have not heard that, how shocking and sad – all tourists? I was going to go on a Balloon in San Francisco, not sure now. Anyway may have probs – Blood Results for Heart Check Up came back, Dr phoned me to tell me he wanted to see me asap, went next day have damage to one of my kidneys, more blood tests this week and a scan – worried that I may not be up to SF, Flight and length of time on it is concerning him, he better say YES its all on hold I am so upset.


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