“Paris, Falling Into You”

That first time

Falling into you

On the Champs Elysee

Just looking round

The sense of Love everywhere


Even though alone was I

Paris and romance

Always in the air it is

Still I did not intend

Falling into you


Small Cafe, Black Coffee

Parisiennes passing by

Hand in hand

Hand on bums

What does it matter

As long as they Love

Chatting, kissing too

I look around how beautiful

Paris is alone or with someone


Battens ready to start their runs

Tourists armed with Cameras

And the never ending phones

Look right, look left

Some tourist with his camera

Nearly in my face


Did I see myself

Falling into you

Literally into your arms

I drink my Coffee

Stand to go

Turn stumble on cobble stones

You are there to catch my fall


“Bonsoir Madame”

You say to me

The rest I do not understand

I wave my hand “Anglais” I say

You Laugh and smile “OK”

“I do speak English, you are English” you say

“Yes English, dreaded English you may think”

Now why did I say that


“No, do not say that, it matters not where you are from”

Taking my hand “Anton, Madame”

“Beth, just Beth” I say

“I must thank you for helping me,

silly falling into you”

From there we were together

Walking hand in hand

Arms around each other

Kissing by the Seine


Paris the City filled with Love

Paris always memories

Flower stalls


Cafes, strong Black Coffee

Cobble stones

And You







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