“Two Nights, make it Three?

Well thats two nights now

And no sleep

I think I have gone beyond

Wanting to sleep


Maybe its worrying about

The Injections in my back

That are due today

Thirty years or more of pain

All the drugs and Treatment

And I have to ask for this


Could be tonight I will sleep

Or maybe I’ll make it

Three nights in a row

And No Sleep

Who knows


Surprising what our Bodies can take

When you watch and nurse

Someone who is going to die

As did my Husband Twenty Two years

Ago this coming Christmas

You are beyond exhaustion

Yet your Bodies do not stop

You keep going and going

But our minds well

Don’t lets get into that


I had two young Sons to worry about

No doubt of it thats what kept me going

And now, well Life and stress

I guess, a Home to keep

And pain oh yes

That bloody pain


You watch the Clock

Once it was 2am and able to sleep

Then 3am then 4am

Now what’s the point at all

Until that day

When you finally collapse

And give up on it all







6 thoughts on ““Two Nights, make it Three?

  1. Don’t be disappointed and discouraged, Anna, if the shot doesn’t work right away. Sometimes it takes a couple days to kick in. Other times it may take two shots. I had to have two a month apart. The first one just kind of took top off the pain. The second one, however, got ‘er done! I was eight years without hardly any discomfort. So don’t be down hearted if it’s not quite how you expect it to be. {{{Anna}}}

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    1. Cheryl went over for them, what a joke they did not exist, wanted to inject my Shoulder – SHOULDER!! Another night no sleep I suspect. Stopped the tables he put me on my legs/feet swollen, now increasing the Morphine patch from 10mcq to 20 mcq.

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  2. Jonathan came with me the other day when the appointment for this afternoon was discussed and this afternoon the Dr denied it, going to have to record every time go there? There was no injection for back, they don’t do backs just shoulders!! I said I could not take the drug he put me on my legs/feet so swollen he stopped them and now have to have 20mcq Morphine patch instead of 10mcq. Its all bloody mess.

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