“A Fight To The End”

So will he pull it off, Jeremy Corbyn Labour Leader, will he win the forthcoming Election to remain as Leader of the Opposition.


Watching the Debate tonight on Television between Jeremy Corbyn and his challenger Owen Smith “Mr Duracell Bunny” (the reason for that name is because some time ago Piers Morgan the man we Hate, asked Smith about his past working for Pfizer the company behind the wonder drug “Viagra”, and whether Smith used the drug, to which Smith replied “NO I am like a Duracell Bunny” – wishful thinking on his part perhaps!


Both Corbyn and Smith were very good in their replies both amicable and perhaps both unelectable, but unfortunately one has to win.  As one would expect the questions ranged from Taxation, to the NHS (I am currently at odds with) to Apprentices to Trident, I have left some out of course, but you get the drift.


I was going to Vote for Jeremy Corby, as a Member of the Labour Party I am entitled to Vote, but news this afternoon is beginning to change my mind.  I have learnt that Jeremy Corbin asked Shami Chakrabarti to head the Inquiry into the Allegations  of Anti-Semitism within the Labour Party.  It has been revealed that Jeremy Corbyn offered as an award if she did the Inquiry a “Peerage”.  Unbelievable, he offered a “Peerage” when all he stands for is against the Institutions, ie Honours List.  I am sickened by what Corbyn has done, being a Socialist I am against all these kind of things, I want an end to the Royal Family and all they stand for.  Corbyn and his followers believe the same and here is Corbyn offering a “Peerage2, makes me feel sick.


Will I Vote for Corbyn, I doubt it now, will I Vote for Smith definitely not.  Surprising things happen and who knows maybe Corbyn will pull it off again, he may even Win the next Election stranger things happen.  America may see Donald Trump in the White House if the ordinary hard working American is not cheated out of it.



2 thoughts on ““A Fight To The End”

  1. Looks to me as if Labour has dug itself into a hole that it isn’t easy to get out of. I’m voting Corbyn but more out of idealism than hope. I don’t think he will appeal to the electorate at all.
    As for Trump – well you know my feelings on that – he’s a liar.

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    1. I can’t Vote for Corbyn not now he has given a Peerage, against all he has believed in, hypocrite. As for Trump well we differ, worse thing that could happen to America is Clinton, she has been proved to be the Liar/Crook you name it, She will start a War. Not our Election it is up to the Americans, I agree with good old Clint Eastwood, all the way.


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