“Ankylosing Spondylitis”

Move, come on

Don’t sit there

Typing away

A lifetime of that


Now you need to move, OK

Seizing up will be the day

Work to do

Come on

No play


Fingers, Toes

Get them to move

Be careful of the Spine they say

Get mind set

Work to be done

Come on, come on

Forget the pain

If only that were true

One day







7 thoughts on ““Ankylosing Spondylitis”

  1. I wish there was a “commiseration” button instead of a “like” button. “Forget the pain…” It never really does go away, does it? I wish you a good day, dear Anna.

    The timing of your poem is perfect. I just started another round of physical therapy for my scoliosis arthritis pain and spasms. It causes spasms in muscles that are usually lax. Maybe there will be a slight relief. This is the first therapist to address the curvature of my spine. Everyone else did overall muscle exercises as if the muscles would fix themselves, rather than making the too strong muscles stronger…

    I wish you a good day, dear Anna.

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    1. So good to hear from you. You know what the pain is like, you suffer it too. I have no one addressing my curvature, many years ago X-Rays or Scans can’t remember, and I was told the spine was like the letter C. I now have the tail like protruding, quite difficult to sit. Do you have injections for the Spine, they won’t give me any. Just found out that there are injections one can give oneself for AS. Told it would not be good for me to do a long haul flight at the moment – San Francisco on hold, they have now seen I have some Kidney damage. It is all so depressing – that never helps you know that. You take great care of yourself.

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      1. The pain is like being in labor, to varying degrees, then stabbing, shooting nerve pains that radiate down one leg, through my chest occasionally down my arm. That’s on bad, stay in bed days. I have a letter S curve, side to side with a twist between the upper and lower curves. A chiropractor told me I have five inches of twist condensing my spine.

        In my twenties, I used to have a C forward curve in my neck. I thought it was from my heavy welding helmet. I switched to a lighter automatic helmet and it fixed itself over time.

        Four children later, I have developed lumbar lordosis and sprained/broken my tail bone 4 times. Twice curled in from falls and twice curled out from births. I have shifted how I sit to accommodate the extended tailbone, which I think contributed to the lordosis. Seven hours on a plane is only bearable if you can get up to walk the aisles. I’m sorry your trip was postponed. I know you were looking forward to it.

        I received a letter from my spine specialist letting me know that they would no longer provide shots to give pain relief. Not that they ever offered.

        I did receive three hip shots when I started falling last year from emergency room doctors. They gave me pain killer, anti inflammatory and a muscle relaxant. Those shots burned in a way my back never has. I’m not sure the treatment actually worked for me, but it did knock me out completely. It also completely stopped my anti depressant and anti anxiety meds from working. So, I can’t have any ever again.

        The most relief I have ever had was from acupuncture treatment. The endorphins reduced pain for about a week after an hour long session. It cost $25 a session. It would have been great if it were covered by my insurance, but no. I ran out of money so I stopped that. Funny how things that work aren’t covered by health insurance…

        If wishes were fishes…

        This pain is depressing, but seeing the sunshine on some days helps me cope. Butterflies, hummimgbirds and dragonflies help too. Little distractions are what make the days go faster. Dear Anna, take care and a big hug from me.

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