“Simple Things”

Looking back

On Childish memories

Simple things

That meant so much

John Wayne movie

Cowboys and Indians

Returning home

Out into garden

I would be John Wayne

Hunting the Indians

On my own having Fun

Then the voice

“Get in here now”

Never questioned it twice


Simple memories

Meant so much

In corner shop

Allowed to pick

Broken biscuits

From big tin

Treat for tea

Now we throw them away


Childish memories

Mean so much

Playing with Doll in garden

Putting  Daisies in her hat

Talking to Doll Sally

On my own she was my friend


Such Childish memories

Of happy ones

Not that many

Ireland were the happiest


On my own

Running in the fields

Climbing walls

Laying on grass

Looking at the Stream


Childish memories

Happy ones

Well they do last

Bad ones come back

To haunt you




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