“Once A Month All Dressed Up”

“Come on hurry up

You’re always the same”

I can still hear my Mother say

As she directed her look at me

1950s like it was yesterday

Once a Month

On a Saturday


Out we go marching on

Me, the youngest on inside

Of someone’s garden wall

Sister on the outside of me

Giving her orders “listen to me”

Mummy and Daddy walking behind

All dressed up in our finery


Ilford High Street

And some treats for Tea

Mother showing off as usual “look at me”

Always gloves the women wear

And young girls too did share

Don’t forget the Hats that were worn

Good manners, oh so polite

1950s and England was nice


Selfridges and now for treat

Some slices off that whole leg of Ham

And maybe a Fancy Cake

Walking round the shops

Became so boring

John Wayne on in Cinema

“Don’t go there dressed up like this”


After a while Home we would march

“change your clothes”

Mummy would shout

Sister would disappear

As for me I would

Sneak out into Garden

Out of my Mother’s sight

I would run around trees

Talk to the flowers

A loner I was

And I still am






6 thoughts on ““Once A Month All Dressed Up”

  1. Sounds like my Mum dressing me and my sister up to go to my grandmother’s. I’d hate it – all smart in shorts and shirt. I liked my crumpled play clothes best. She’s pat my unruly hair down flat with a lick of her fingers. Round there I’d have to sit quietly on a chair. We weren’t allowed in the front room. I’d kick my legs and be bored to tears – ready to explode. As soon as we were back – out of the smart gear and on with my comfortable stuff and out like a wild thing – free.


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