“Was It Love Or Desire”

Was it love or just desire

I told myself love

But the desire to have you

Was much more


I look at you and longed

For your body next to me

To feel your kisses

Press my flesh

To have you cup my breasts


I wanted you inside of me

To feel you pull me closer

And thrust yourself in me

To feel as one with you

To see that look upon your face

Had we fallen in love


The sky above

Looked down on us

The long green grass

Spread under our bones

As we rolled and rolled from side to side

Needing each other ever more


This could not end

We had too much to give

Hands stroking breasts and chest

Penus searching deeper and deeper

With me wanting you more

As I played with your balls, you laughed

Was this love, was it lust

I still don’t know


Eyes perhaps gave answers

But for now

Here under the cloudless sky

With flattened grass beneath us both

Happy and content were we

Not wanting to let go




6 thoughts on ““Was It Love Or Desire”

  1. No such thing as getting carried away, Anna! I found myself reading and putting myself in the male’s place. So very true that analogy of the penis pushing further, as if to search for more. Now THAT’s getting carried away on my part. I better stop now or get banned from WP. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There you go first few sentences and you had me laughing. Keep getting carried away and don’t stop. Now do you remember the post and cleaning houses? I think I had better go and get a cup of Tea (oh we English, even Irish and our Tea) to calm me down from having flashbacks, oh boy!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh God, I wish you could see me here, perhaps that would not be wise, you have me in stitches here laughing. You cheeky devil – I do hope you are not being serious. I think you got quite a few of us shall I say rather hot and energetic with the Post you put out – one Lady resorted to housecleaning, rings a bell? Keep going Rob in all directions, my God should I be saying these things? My Sons are shocked at my “Stories”, quite shocked myself but I enjoy writing them, I hope people like them I know you are more than generous in your comments. Perhaps as I said previously I need to clean the house get that Post on again.


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