“Longing to see Vincent Cassel”

How to waste two and half hours, go and see a film.  Which is what I did yesterday afternoon.  My eldest Son said he wanted to treat me to see the new “Bourne” film with Matt Damon and Vincent Cassel, the latter being the main reason for me going.


Well we got to the Cinema, found our seats and waited and waited for the film to start, in the meantime I was being entertained by the majority of the people in the cinema munching on their popcorn, rattling paper bags, slurping their drinks, kids running up and down – School holidays still on!  Why was I wishing I was at home and doing the ironing, which by the way I hate doing but it would be better than this and I would not be wasting time, the seats were very comfortable but unfortunately, I have AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis) and like those who have this illness we know it is extremely painful and sitting for a long time can prove difficult.


Anyway, back to the film, it started and I was so looking forward to it as I had seen every “Bourne” that Matt Damon made with Paul Greengrass, all the others were so exciting and I loved them.  Sadly it was not long before I was nodding off and being prodded by my Son for doing so.  I think it was perhaps a mixture of the poor script and not very good performance by Matt Damon  –  or it could be “AS”, anyway I nodded off several times.  The action of the film was fast paced with plenty of car chasing and crash after crash.  Better not say any more just in case you may want to go and see the film.


When the film ended there was a mass exit, I have never understood why people do not stay to see the Credits roll, after all surely all those names listed Hairdressers/Wardrobe/  Directors/Producers and then the Painters/Carpenters etc etc they worked hard I am sure and deserve at least reading all these credits, well at least I like to.  My Son kept saying “come on its over” but I sat there until the credits ended.


Home we walked, boy was I in pain from sitting for 2 and half hours or was it three hours, still ironing would be no different.  Today I can’t do the ironing either, had to go to  Frinton-on-Sea “The Bastion of Old England”, (that’s another story) to have my hair done.  Did not get home until gone 3pm had enough by then.


If you like “Bourne” then go and see the film, you may well enjoy it.  Unfortunately, for me it was poor, Matt Damon was not on screen that much he obviously did the film purely for the money.  Vincent Cassel well his talents were completely wasted, shame.


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