“Summer Ending – Autumn, Time For Tears”

Summer coming to an end

Autumn soon be here

Yet one can smell

The Autumn air

The fruit upon the trees

Already there


Passed the Sea

I live nearby

Sun was glissenting upon it

How beautiful it looked today

The Sand so golden and stretching far

I have to say how nice it looked


How quick this year has gone

My Plans I had made last year

Well I have done my crying

To myself, not yet sure

What is to be the

Big decision


It is so true

What people say

“You never know what happens next”

I guess we really should

Live as each day comes



8 thoughts on ““Summer Ending – Autumn, Time For Tears”

  1. “I guess we really should
    Live as each day comes…”

    I guess we’d save ourselves a lot of pain, months of anxiety worrying about stuff. That’s kind of the way I feel about this trip to the UK. I’ve thought about it and dreamed about it for so long that now that it’s actually happening all I can do is stress about it. I’ve even wondered if I’m brave enough to go. And I WAS’T going by myself like you were. Have you decided for sure you can’t go? {{{Anna}}}

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    1. My Hotel is still booked etc, have not made final decision, having tests, it will not be cancelled transfers for next September will be made. Definitely going though, I have to go. You will be fine, you will have Arne and your Friends and have a great time. The stress builds up what with all the arrangements/packing etc. Won’t bother me being alone just panic over not being that good with Internet and will my back/ legs hold up.

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  2. I am definitely going, there is no question of that, I HAVE to go. Had letter from Dr this morning sending me for more blood tests, since I saw him was it Monday I think. It does look like he is doing his best, he has to speak to a Consultant. This morning I was crying with the pain, something I don’t do I cope but now the pain is so beyond me, I am worn out.

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      1. There are questions on one of my kidneys and the curvature of the spine and pain, the long haul journey could cause problems, 9 hours of flying. David upgraded for me gives me more leg room and I would have to walk about, but the Sister said that back could go into spasm or seizure, not sure which one. The Boys don’t want to come, well Jonathan would if we could go to Texas as well, no money for that. I think they feel I have to do this on my own, its my personal journey. I have to strengthen my body more, my right leg big problem, but if I don’t go in October bookings being transferred to next September, I will DEFINITELY GO.

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