“Holmes and Watson”

Happy Friday

Well not quite

Woke with usual pain

But this went on

To be more intense


“As” is hard to cope with

You take it day by day

Last few months

Pain has travelled to right leg

The mornings I wish I could cut it off

The leg that is

I can cope with pain

But this has gone beyond all

I can take


Last three hours

I have been enjoying myself

Like hell I have

The Goldfish

Two Goldfish

How could they cause such hard worK


They splashed me all over

Getting them from tank

To new bucket

Cleaning out the tank

Cleaning well scrubbing their toys

Refilling tank

And trying to get them

Home again


Two Goldfish

“Holmes and Watson”

All clean now

But left me exhausted

And what do they do

Well not much




3 thoughts on ““Holmes and Watson”

  1. The sacrifice to your goldfish is well noted! I’m sure they would tell you how much they appreciate such good care! As it is, they’re busy solving cases, don’t you know… 😀


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