“That Bridge”

Early morning

Dew still on the ground

Foggy mist in the distance

Then is that you, so soon

It has to be you

On the Bridge far off

Heading home through

Woodlands home


Coffee cup in my hands

I look, I can’t see clearly

You seem different, can’t be you

No stride you have

Your head down low

Walking slowly

Walking home


Was the Bridge

Ever that strong

For you to walk across

And take so long

Step after step

Tired and slow

I drop the coffee cup

And start to run


Sun starts to break

Through that Bridge

Is it you, is it

Yes, its you

Coming home to us


Soldiers uniform

Battle worn

A smile crosses your face

More medals, more scars

Damaged, body and all

Its you home

Stepping from Bridge

Darling I long to touch

Your face

Home at last, Home to Us



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