“Rather Mean Of Me?”

This is all going to sound

Rather mean of me

As I know my eldest son

Is only taking special care of me

But there are times, yes there are

When it all gets too much for me


I know I have “AS”

And the pain is far too real

But it doesn’t mean

I have lost my mind

I can think, yes I can think for me


I planed to prune some Trees

Asked my Son to put the large

Garden Ladder up for me

I knew how far I could reach

Needed it higher than my Son would need


“Was I sure of the height”

“It was too high”

“Let me prune them for you”

“Are you sure”

“Let me do it”

I knew he was being kind

But I do have a mind


The Body is crooked

And may not work

So well as it used to be

But the mind is OK

“Please, don’t make me feel

I am an invalid”


Well the ladder is set

And Trees I will prune

Promised I would call

If I could not reach


I appreciate my Son’s kindness

But its hard for me

Once I looked after Him

Now he wants to look after me

But all I want

Is for my Sons to care for themselves

Stop worrying over me

Go travel, see the World

And enjoy themselves


6 thoughts on ““Rather Mean Of Me?”

  1. Being kind and helpful to each other is good for everyone – the giver and receiver. Maybe sometimes we have to be gracious and accept our limitations – frustrating though they might be.

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  2. I think Opher is right, but I know what you mean about the boys. I’m like that, too. I want Brandon to go off and experience his life outside of these walls. I didn’t carry him for 9+ months to have him settle for the bars of a cage with his parents! Sigh… I will never feel completely happy until he’s on his own and I know he can take care of himself…

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    1. Regarding “accept our limitations” I don’t agree on that, it is far easier for a man to say that, its a glib statement. When the majority of your life has been spent on “you” having to do everything practically, especially when you are left with two young Children to bring up and all the other frustrations, all the work of keeping a home, raising children the every day stresses are down to one person, usually the Wife/Mother that is left one has to be in that position to understand. You have no one to depend on so you do it all. As age and illness arrive it is so very difficult to accept you cannot do all you wanted to, sometimes being told that makes the situation worse.

      Totally agree with you, being a Mother the last thing you want is for your Child not to have the freedom you so craved, we just want them to be free and happy.

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      1. I think whether you’re a single parent or not, the things that happen as we get older that take away our independence on bit at a time are very hard to accept. I remember when my friend Donna (one of the ladies I visit who is 87) ran into a car in the parking lot at church when she was trying to back out. She right away gave her car keys to her son. I don’t think she’s ever come to terms with that. She feels useless having to depend on others to take her places now.

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  3. I can understand that and your Friend. I do know when I can do something or not, whether I am pushing myself too much. I wanted to cut a Tree down when I was in the garden yesterday, only a small tree that is leaning too far over next door, I kept thinking could I do it until I realized NO, not on my own. I worked until late and am paying for it today, but pleased I did all that I could. Maybe its me, having been used to doing it all on my own, I won’t give in, I don’t want all the pains to win.


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