I did my gardening yesterday

Well pruning Trees

And shaping shrubs

But still so much to do


Garden full of rubbish

Left there too

I planned on collecting

What I had left

On the ground

But that never came true


I slept in until late

Well bed at 5am

Never helped

Today I have been

Dare I say



So sunny here today

Hot outside too

Did I collect the rubbish

Simple answer NO


Tomorrow a skip

I must order

Make myself busy

Thats if I’m not still tired

Picking up the rubbish

Filling up the skip


It seems every time

I try to sort the Garden out

A skip is ordered too

I overwork

Then next day

Barely an eyelid

I lift



How we love

Our Gardens

But as we get older

The work becomes harder

And even more than before




4 thoughts on ““Gardens”

    1. No Bambi just went of her own accord, she used to go of a morning but come back of an evening, but one day she did not come back. Kept putting food out for her but to no avail. Who knows she may come back, just so lucky to have had her.


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