“A Dating Game For All?”

Last night, we here in Great Britain were given another programme on Channel 4 a Channel that  was given its licence to Educate us.  Well I guess putting a programme on based on Full Frontal Nudity  is educating us?

This programme is in the form of a Dating Programme, where men and women can meet each other.  The man/or woman has to choose one out of a choice of four of the opposite sex  all naked – but then we have the Homosexual choice where the man/woman can choose one of their own they fancy.

I am not being prudish but what has British Television come to when programmes like this are put on.  Yes, you can always turn off the TV you don’t have to watch the programme, but let’s face it curiosity gets the better of us, not in seeing some woman’s boobs, or to use the lesser of the crude words the female presenter uses, the woman’s “fanny or bush” (apologies if this causes offense) or some man’s “Prick/cock” (apologies) but flabbergasted that such a programme could be made to start with.

We have all the jokes thrown in as well particularly when and I am not being Racist here, but when a Black Male contestant is on well you can imagine what is said about his lower region.  When the person finally chooses his or her date for the evening, they then have to go off  and come back fully naked so that the so called date can approve.  Blushes all around and no doubt there are women all over GB who are glued to the TV for that.  For me as soon as the programme comes on, its a discussion about it and the tv is switched over or off.

For goodness sake why are Channel Four allowed to continue with this programme.  Why are they allowed to abuse the Licence they are given.  Have we come so low that we are now being given a programme of full frontal nudes of both sexes as a Dating Game, those that watch it and think its good fun, well go to a strip club or something else.  Keep this of British Television.




8 thoughts on ““A Dating Game For All?”

    1. True it will get worse. This absolutely shocked me, for a time I kept staring I could not believe what I was seeing, that such a thing could be put on TV. You are not allowed to see full frontal nudity in a film on TV, but this programme was beyond it all, aimed at mindless people.


  1. All lowest common denominator – it is the crass expression of meaningless crap. Titivates and has no content – mindless and vacuous. Populism gone mad catering for mindless people – just one in a whole string of mindless TV, radio and pop music. Nothing says anything. Surrounded with environmental destruction, climate change, overpopulation, pollution, war, poverty and misery they devise ways of deflecting people from getting involved in anything. It’s all about exploiting people for profit.

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  2. I haven’t seen that, but I have seen Naked and Afraid here in the States. I can’t imagine going on without a daily shower, let alone running around naked with a woman in a rainforest without toilet paper or a tv remote control. 😀

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    1. I don’t believe we have that programme here. This lot here get away with putting this programme out by saying its educational, thats a load of rubbish. They should have their Licence removed. Agree with you on the Shower etc could not manage without my one hour soak in the bath, my bubbles and music.


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