I always felt so safe with you

In many ways that was

I always knew

You would never cheat on me

Thirty years older than I was

Well a young girl for a Wife

So many envied you


But what a fool

Such fool I was

You lied to me

From the very start

Deep down I had my thoughts

Dismissed them

Well that’s what I do


The years rolled on

My trust in you in tact

Then “She” was there

You distanced from me

Excuses you made too


I busied myself

Well I had to

I tried to ignore

What I saw

What was in my mind


Then you died

And I found out

What had happened

For all those years

The Love I felt for you

Disappeared overnight

My trust was a bitter taste


“She” was older than I was

But not the “little housewife”

I learned my lesson the hard way

Remembering those I could have had

I turned them all down for you


I lost the years

All my young years

They are gone

Nothing I can do

Bitterness is fading now

I’m older that’s true

What years are left

Well, who knows?




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