“Upside Down”

The door slowly opens

And I turn to look at you

The breeze from your opened windows

Blows your curtains

From the wooden floor


The darkened table

By your window

Grey vase with the Roses

The Red ones you kept


Because I bought

Them for you


The room still full of memories

And the smell of your cigarettes

Not that long ago

We laid upside down

On that white crumpled large bed

In love, words we whispered

Were they true?


Now I leave

Quickly dressed

Why did you have

To tell the truth

I believed you a year ago

A nice year a happy year

That I have spent with you


I came back to you this year

I did not want to know the past

We started all over again

Now you confess the truth

I look at you

I see your tears

What am I to do


Stay or go

Go or stay

You have broken

My Heart in two


An open door

I turned to you

The pleading words you say

Your tears

Your eyes say it all

The love that you profess

Do I, do I

Stay with you?


I turn to look at you

Red Roses in that vase

Upside down

With you I laid

Kisses and love

We had made

I just keep looking

At You……………..






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