How easily we pretend

We don’t care

Your words cut deep

I wouldn’t let you see my cry

As we walked along the winding path

Looking down to the Sea

Boats and Yachts

Getting ready to leave

For hours of Sun and sailing


No words spoken

As we reached the end of the path

Multi coloured houses

Around the Bay

Children happy on the sand

No words did we say


You looked at me

I would not turn your way

What did you expect me to say

Deep down I knew all along

Just waited for you to say

What a fool, such a fool

Believed in you, trusted you

And all along this was going on


I looked down to the Beach

Children laughing

Sand Castles they made

Looking out to Sea if only

I could have been out there

On a Sunday in Kinsale

You took me here

For memories sake?


Now forever

Kinsale to me

Will be where

Your lies spilled out

“Shall we have some Tea” you said

Finally, I looked at you

Bloody hell

You saw my Tears

On a sunny Kinsale afternoon







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