“Long Grass, Dandelions And You”

Long grass

And Dandelions

Butterflies over our heads

Hand in Hand


Not young like kids

But in love like kids


Two Days

Four Days

Don’t want

To recall what’s left

Right now

This minute

Here with you

Bodies so close

So in love


Your eyes burned into me

I looked then looked away

But inside of me

I was drawn

Drawn to you

Like no one

I had ever

Seen before


I waited and waited

nearly going

Then I saw you looking

Pleading eyes they made me stay

Two days, four days

or more


Here we are in long grass

making our time last

On our backs

The Sky so blue

Its as though

The Birds are singing to us

Two days, Four days

A Lifetime

Long grass, Dandelions

And You





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