“Wouldn’t It Be Nice”

How do the words

Of the song go

“Wouldn’t it be nice”

Anyone old enough

To remember that

Bet you can’t remember

If you are that old enough

Who sang it

The Beach Boys

Of Course, who else


I loved

The Beach Boys

I loved anything American

Long to live there

Be part of the excitement


Life never works out like that

Does it, unless you are determined

To make it that way


I had my chances

And let them slip away

I still listen to

Sing to

“Wouldn’t it be nice




“Enjoy the trip back in time”  –  Anna




5 thoughts on ““Wouldn’t It Be Nice”

    1. When I finally got to America, my Father said that about the Grass not always being greener on the other side. Thats the chance you have to take isn’t it Cheryl. Well now you are going to make the UK, your dream come true. As for me its more problems every time I go to the Surgery, had to go today. Got big probs with my right leg and walking, David is adamant that I should rebook for next September – I owe you several emails (found that out over the weekend, apologies) will write to you. I still love all things American, well you know that!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey there… Do they KNOW what’s causing the problem with your leg? Don’t fret about the emails. I think the reason I’ve wanted to come to the UK (particularly Ireland) is totally unrelated to those teenage fantasies. There’s a spiritual draw that is just an ache inside me. I really can’t even pick out one thing I really am dying to see except Stonehenge. I fully expect to experience something there. Will I be disappointed? I guess I’ll find out…


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