“Bathroom Upstairs”

It was the say

The hottest day

Of the year

I spent it inside working

I could have done Gardening

But I chose the work instead


Just been outside

To my garden

Seeing it so dry

Decided to water


Out came the hosepipe

Careful I don’t trip

Turn on the tap

Start watering quick

Which plants first

Me they cry


All so hungry

For every drop of water

Even my Trees look dry

And sorry for themselves


I hear a voice shout

“you don’t have to do that

there’s a bathroom upstairs”

I look up and there

Is my youngest Son

Making a joke

Soon to backfire


My Son is there

On the Terrace smiling

I quickly appear

Turn the hosepipe on him


Comes forth

Soon runs inside

When I finished the watering

My Son standing there

Still wet but with coffee

In hand not for him

But for me

With a smile


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