“Each Day As It Comes”

That first time

The moment their eyes met

They both knew

There was no doubt

They wanted, needed each other

No knowing how long that would be

They could not let these feelings escape


As much as she knew

His eyes were making love to her

She was the same

She wanted his body

She wanted him the person

They would know each other

In the ways that mattered


She was not surprised

That he was shy with her

Shyness was a big part of her

Yet with him she felt right

She felt normal

Odd word to use she thought

But she felt “normal”


As they stood naked

In front of each other

It all felt as it should

This was the first time

She had ever seen a man naked

She felt this strong desire within

She ran her fingers over his body

As he kissed her, kissed her body

Running his tongue over her

Finding every crevice

She had never believed it could be like this

That she could feel like this


She wanted more she wanted him

She wanted to feel part of him

For him to reach her

Slowly he showed her

Kissed her as she stared into his eyes

Then oh God could it be like this

It was like temptation

Slowly his Penis entered her

It felt so right, it belonged

She knew she had made no mistake

The more his Penis touched her

The more she wanted him desperately

She held him closer to her

She did all he wanted

Their eyes on each other

She trusted him completely

She felt this surge she felt her tears

He kissed away her tears

This most wonderful rush of pleasure

This overpowering desire for him

She had never thought

Feeling like this would be possible

It must not end

It had to go on and on

She whispered to him


They were locked in this pleasure

Never wanting it all to stop

More and more they made love

Their bodies entwined

They rolled and rolled from side to side

From upside down they kissed

They even ended on the floor

Now she knew what it was like to be loved

But this was different

She never wanted to leave

He begged her to stay

To stay for each day

Each day as it came


He had other Women

Other relationships

She knew that

But they never lasted

Most just the sex and gone

He always said they never

Wanted to know the real him


She wanted him

Not just his body

Not just making love

She couldn’t help but like him

More than that she was in love with him

She loved him from the moment

That special moment

That their eyes met

She liked him for himself

For the gentle shy man that he was

He told her he didn’t want to lose her

He wanted her to stay be with him


To stay

To love each other

To share each other

Just to be together

What was wrong with that









7 thoughts on ““Each Day As It Comes”

  1. Chemistry is so hard
    what you feel for one
    That one might not want to know
    The chemistry, the feelings, the emotions,
    That person might just not want to go there
    You did Anna
    I can’t tell you how many times I went there and got scared
    I can’t tell you how many people I saw run from me ……..
    Life is never over till it comes full circle
    Maybe just maybe those emotions are still waiting for you
    As always Sheldon

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for what you said, I have read it over and over, you are right those emotions are still waiting for me. I Married man 30 years older than me, we were Married 19 years in 1994 when he died, my two Sons were young, I was allowed just two babies. I was 45 when I became a Widow. I admit to myself now I married to get away from home. On my Wedding Night, my Husband rejected me, told me “you are tired, I’m tired”, the next day the Marriage was Consummated, you are supposed to remember, I barely do. There was no love on his part for me, I loved him, and it still causes pain he did not feel the same. I always had doubts about him and I believe I am right. From the date of my Marriage 1975 to now I have longed for that special love, I’m getting on now, doubtful that will happen.

      You strike me as a very honest person, I don’t understand why a woman runs from someone who cares, who wants to. Thank you for all you said, take care, Anna.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. People are afraid of their emotions it took me a very long time to get in touch with mine
        To know that these emotions were not foreign to know that I could handle them many people don’t what this experience
        They remain numb
        If you are a seeker you will find what you are after
        As always sheldon

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice poem but I got distracted by a line in it: They would know each other In the ways that mattered…

    It made me stop and think, no. That is not the way that matters. Otherwise people would stay together longer than they do these just. But for some reason our society has decided that’s what passes for love… Sorry. Just thinking out loud here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think you took it the wrong way, the “way that matters” was not about SEX, it was intended to be about knowing each other what was going on in their minds, the real person, the person others did not see or even want to know. That is what matters, yes the sex is good but you have to want to know the real person.

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