“Trees, Light, Pain And One Day”

Searching through the Woods

Trees I pass little light I see

Will I reach the clearing

Too many Trees

Yet I love my Trees

Feel at home with them


Am I a Tree Hugger

Of course I am

Trees in Kew

In Richmond too

Paris, France and Berlin

Vancouver, USA

Most of Ireland and England as well

Where I go

I’ll know my Trees

I have not travelled the World

Maybe one day

who knows

Whatever Trees I see

I will hug


Yet here I am

Is it me

Is it the Trees

Or the depression I feel

I need to see the light

The clearing must be soon

Lift the darkness

Pour some light


The Sun has descended

Black is all there is

I must wait

Oh I must wait

For the Sun to rise


5am I see the Sun

Look through the Trees

There she be

Will it be enough for me

The light I seek

Let it be

Lift the darkness

From my eyes


I see the beauty

From the Trees

Light sneaking through

Enough for me

My eyes are brighter

Yet tired they be

No sleep no sleep

I do not want sleep


So 1.08 it is

No sleep will come

But the Birds will sing

Light my light

Where art thou

Come to me

Let me see you clear


How I hate that darkness so

Days of heaviness days too long

Give me back some light I pray

Some life as well is all I want

Light my eyes lift the pain

One Day, just One Day is all I say









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