Over Bridges we walked

The River down below

Glistening in the Moonlight

Drawing people in as it does so


Your right arm slips around

My partially bare

Right shoulder

Your left hand with cigarette

I worry and tell you

“You smoke too much”

You promise as usual

To stop

But you will forget


Whilst walking

You suddenly come to a halt

Turn me to you

And hug me close

Your lips upon mine

Kiss after kiss

You ask me to

Stay here with you


Do I

I want to

I need to

Can I do this

Will I do it


I kiss you back

Hold onto you tight

Others pass by

But we just remain


Here we are

A warm Autumn night

Wanting each other

Needing to be together

But do I

Do I say “Yes”


Light outside

My Hotel phone rings

“Morning alarm call”

Where am I

Was it a dream

Where are you

Real, was it?




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