“Remember My Name”

Know my name

One day I will be gone

Will you remember me


Troubled or happy

Flip the coin

For that day

See what will arrive


I will be here

Talk to me or don’t

Perogative is yours


Know my name

Remember me

For what I am

One day here

The next gone


Throw your words

They can hurt so much

Just take the pain

Cope as best one can


Remember my name

Remember the love that I have

Good or bad

I am what I am

Just remember my name


Kick me when I’m down

Mock me when I’m up

Laugh at me or with me

But just

Remember my name


As the Sun rises

As the Sky is full  of Stars

As the Moon descends

As the Sea washes in and out

I will not change

Like me or not

I will be here

Let’s be Friends



2 thoughts on ““Remember My Name”

  1. We will all be remembered by many and our impact measured by those who we have touched and the good or evil we have done. The art of living is to communicate and reach out; to give of ourselves and hope to make a difference. You do that Anna.

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