“Here We Are”

Here we are

Special some say

But Life we are given

To live it

Whatever way


If we are lucky

Many years we enjoy

Happiness and sadness

Well they come our way


But we know

Yet pretend

That day will never come

The day of “goodbyes”

Sadness and tears


We go  somewhere


If that’s what we believe

We may be remembered

In good ways we hope


A gift of Life given

A gift that now

Is returned


At night

Look to the Sky

Up there, hopefully I’ll be

The brightest Star shining

For you, and you

Just look and see



2 thoughts on ““Here We Are”

  1. I sometimes look up at that sky on a clear night and get a sense of all the billions of people that have shared that sight, have stared up at those same stars. Somehow they connect us over time and distance. The sky is magic.

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