“Our rickety Boat”

Sail away

On our rickety boat

The waves lashing the sides

But we try to ignore


Just to be out

On the beautiful Sea

Blue, Grey

What does it matter

To you or to me


Alone here we are

With no land in site

Hold me this night

And don’t let me go


Nothing to disturb us

No phones or Ipads

Just us

And our rickety boat


Space and no noises

Just nature as is

Oh to be out

On our rickety boat



4 thoughts on ““Our rickety Boat”

  1. Here’s some “rickety boat” music for you. (Ok… more like a schooner) I love to meditate to this piece by Tim Janis. It’s called “Bass Harbor Light.” I can actually feel when the wind fills the sails and the motor on the ship is cut and we’re all alone with the sails and the wind and the sea. I love this piece. Someday I’m going to go sailing on a tall ship…

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    1. Sorry Cheryl, No Music it said “this video is not available. I too would love to sail on a Tall Ship. There is a large Steamer that goes from Clacton-on-Sea Pier all the way to just near The Tower of London, I believe, it goes about September time, my youngest Son always says “we have to go on that”, maybe one day. Should go on one of the Plane trips here too, goes right over our House, along the Coast and back.

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