Through the crumbling

Wooden windows

That I could see

On our bed

A man and a Woman

Can it be

You and me?


Her Head on soft pillows

Her hair all messed up

Her naked body is his

Naked he lays beside her

His strong thigh

Stretches across her

His head between her breasts


Her fingers run down

His firm body

She likes his fine body hair

Then slowly she runs

Her small fingers

Up his back

Tracing the fine hair that lay there

Gentle kisses upon the lips

Tongues that meet in mouths

So willing to kiss


Bodies moving

Duvet tumbling onto floor

Bodies twisting and turning

Her head thrown back

His tongue wipes her neck

Until he reaches her breasts

Thumb and forefinger

Hold tightly and squeeze

Firm extended nipples

His mouth finds them inviting


Am I here on our bed

Or am I looking in on us

Fingers gently

Touching me there

Can’t you feel

How wet

My stomach rising

I’m hot I feel you close

My hand holding you

This feels too real

Tell me so


My Body quivering

Explosions within

Don’t stop, don’t stop

She cries to him

Is this real she whispers

Push, push he goes

She pleads for more


Tears she sheds

Joy, what else

“Again” he whispers in her ear

The pleasure begins

All over again

Her head is pounding

Don’t stop let it be

Is this us on our bed

From the window I see

On our bed

making love

You and me

This is real

Yes its real

Close the windows

I’m here




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