“Why Not?”

Sex that’s all it was about

Said Elizabeth quietly to herself

But I do need him

I don’t or won’t love him


I have needs

I’m a Woman

I want him to love me

Not be in love with me


Just two Lovers enjoying themselves

Then “goodbye”

Until the next time

Why are the English

Well so bloody complicated


In Europe they are

More open about sex

And relationships


Here on business

Elizabeth said to herself

Six months I will be here

I need a man to love me

Long time six months

Without someone

To make love to me


Oliver was with the firm

She was doing business with

He was their Lawyer

Making sure all went well


Oliver was seeing that everything went well

That included Elizabeth last night

Being in the same elevator with the others

All getting off at different floors

Then Oliver running up the stairs

Tapping on her Suite door



Elizabeth standing there

Already in her lingerie

One look at her

Oliver could not wait

Oliver slipped the straps off her shoulders

The silk nightdress slipped to the floor

Oliver was pulling his jacket off

Whilst Elizabeth pulled at his tie

Quickly undoing his shirt

With her bare breasts touching his chest

He could not resist cupping them in his hands


Her firm nipples felt so good

His mouth his lips needed them

Could any man resist nipples

She undone his pants

He started to help her

Soon he was naked

He scooped her up

Laid Elizabeth on the bed

Instantly Oliver was laying on her

Was he too heavy, she never said

They kissed so passionately

His tongue making sure

He never missed a part of her

Or her of him

Her body so soft so good

She was ready for him

How he needed her


Her hands searching for his Penis

There it was already hard

Heaven in her hand she said laughing

Her fingers feeling all around it

This woman he needed


She felt like, like this feeling must not stop

Oliver over and over he pushed

He saw the pleasure in her eyes

Kissing her mouth, her cheeks, her eyes

Everywhere he could he kissed her

He was beginning to realize he loved this woman

This wasn’t just sex anymore with him

This was love, God she gave him as much pleasure

As he obviously was giving her

He loved the sounds she made

They made him feel good


The bed was devoid of bedding

They were both so hot

In more ways than one

As he seemed to slow down

Elizabeth would make sure

She would arouse him again

As she looked down at him

Gave him her breast in his mouth

Soon with her help

He was there within her

Yet again


What she felt was so good

All her inside her mind

All of it shaking

The pleasures she felt

God it was good

So bloody good



Elizabeth looked in his eyes

The more he pushed deeper and deeper

The more Elizabeth wanted

The sounds she was making

The smiles on her face

The way she dug her fingers

Into his chest and then his back

Holding him close

Crying “more, Oliver, more”

She was right

So right about Oliver

This wasn’t love

Well not what she wanted

This was sex

Purely sex that she wanted


After all she thought

I’m a Woman

I’m, free

Why can’t I have

The same as a Man

Sex and no Love






11 thoughts on ““Why Not?”

  1. Several years in London (Stoke Newington) and Lands End (Pendeen/Cornwall) not far from Penzance.

    And my experience derives mainly from the Cornwall-years: More than 70% single girls there – many of them single mums…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know Stoke Newington, but been many times to the ares in Cornwall you mentioned. We used to stay twice a year in Garras nr Helston in Cornwall. The unmarried Mothers that does not surprise me, we have our share in this Town too.

      Liked by 1 person

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