“Just Books” Short Story/Erotic

Like most evenings after they would  have Dinner, quickly looking at the News they would sit in their Living room and read, the pair of them being great readers.  For several hours they would each read their choice of book, they had a well stocked Library which they had both taken time and devotion filling.

Bob worked  in Finance, enough said, whilst Georgie was a former Model, retired now for some years, it was a game she did not want to stay in for a long time, she was still a very beautiful Woman – she took pride in keeping herself “good looking” for Bob, but not to the point of overdoing it.  Bob loved her very much and to him he loved her regardless.  Georgie spent her time travelling and taking photographs of places/ Architecture and people, she just loved doing that and Bob insisted that the House show off Georgies work, he was so proud of her.

The question would always be asked “do you have Children” and they would always answer  “no we left it too late, sorry to say”,  as Georgie would have commitment after commitment that she never wanted to refuse, “always time later for Babies” she would say but time ran out for her.  Still they loved each other and that was all that mattered.  They had this beautiful home, the Cars they wanted, the travelling they had a good life.

As they sat in their usual positions, Bob on the Sofa with Georgie sitting on the floor between his legs, sometimes resting her head on his legs, depended on how she felt.  Bob loved collecting originals of anything if he could and he was very fortunate in having some really good collections.  He loved Dickens “who wouldn’t” he would tell his friends when they came around and would look at some of the books.  He started reading “A Tale Of Two Cities” last night, sitting back in the sofa with a glass of  2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, Georgie had  made pan seared Fillet Steak with a Tomato and Balsamic Salad for Dinner and this had gone down very well.

Georgie was looking through one of her Poetry books, sipping on her wine and being careful not to spill it, something she did quite often on the carpet.  This particular evening Georgie was feeling somewhat melancholy, the Poetry did not help and Bob had picked up on it, he said nothing to Georgie, he knew there were times in the month when the sadness of not having Children hit her hard, but they coped they had to.   It had been a nice evening, but then as long as Bob was with Georgie every evening was a nice evening.

Sensing her sadness he looked down to her, she was still the beautiful woman he met all those years ago, at that Party , what Photographer was it, he can’t remember now but he remembers seeing this beautiful young woman and he could not take his eyes off her, wherever she was in the room, his eyes searched for her, then she caught his eyes and here they are all these years later.

Bob stroked her hair and she turned her head down onto his right thigh, her left hand stroking in slow motion the inside of Bob’s left thigh.  Bob loved to look at Georgie’s bosom, let alone resist her.  Looking at Georgie her head turned sideways he laid his book on the sofa and with his right hand slipped it down inside Georgie’s low cut blouse his fingers slipping inside her bra, she gave a little sigh.  As Bob fingered her nipples she rose her head to him and they kissed, Bob lowered his head kissing her neck until he reached her bosom, his tongue slowing stroking her soft skin.  “Darling, is this another night we don’t get to finish the books”, and he laughed he had thought for one moment she had wanted to say “let’s go upstairs”.

Georgie reached for her glass, with Bob looking at her he said “is this the moment you want to sip wine”, handing him her glass she threw back her head shaking her hair “no this is the moment you take my wine in case I spill it and I climb on your lap, that’s if you want me to” she said kissing his lips.  Bob quickly took the wine glass from his Wife, placed it on the small hand carved table by the side of the Sofa,  Georgie stood up with the help of her Husband and she sat on her Husband’s lap.

“Now” Georgie said “where were we,  what were you just about to do”, kissing his Wife full on the mouth he quickly undone her blouse, slipped it off her shoulders and then slipped down the straps of her bra, out tumbled her breasts, which Georgie always wished they were larger but would do nothing to make them so, besides Bob always told her in response that they were perfect they way they were, he loved them, that then would satisfy Georgie.

As Bob kissed each breast and sucked her nipples Georgie was pulling up his polo neck until it got to the point where Bob was sitting there mouth on his Wife’s breasts and a Polo neck half way up his back – “come on Georgie, give me a chance to get it off”, Georgie lifted his Polo neck all the way up off his body over his neck, throwing it half way across the room, she quickly started kissing her husband’s chest, she loved his breasts just as he loved hers, there was something so erotic about Bob’s chest she so often found it hard to resist slipping her hand under any shirt or jumper he may be wearing at the time even when other people were around, if they noticed too bad, Bob never complained.  Just as she loved feeling his bum, to her he had the perfect bum.  They certainly were a couple that after all this time of being together loved each other still wanted each other.  Bob could never resist slipping his arm around his wife’s shoulder and letting his fingers lower down onto her breasts, just gentle slowly stroke her.

Sitting on Bob’s lap she undone her bra at the back and flung that too across the room,  “I’ll pick them up in the morning” she said, “you better” remarked Bob “otherwise what is May going to think when she comes to tidy up”, May was their longtime loyal cleaner that they were both fond of “don’t worry about that Darling she will laugh”, with that they both laughed then Georgie so quickly taking her husband’s face in her hands kissing him while Bob continued to fondle her breasts suddenly Georgie’s hands were undoing the belt on Bob’s trousers “well are you going to help me, see you want me we would never have made upstairs would we”.

Bob lifting his Wife off his lap, “no we won’t but we will make it to the rug by the fire” undoing the zip on Georgies skirt it slid to the floor he slipped down her panties and she stepped out of them, no matter how old they get Bob told himself he would still want her, she makes him alive he told her, she kissed him and helped him get his trousers off pulled down his underpants and immediately held her Husband’s penis in her hands , “you could at least warm them Georgie, they are so cold” said Bob, “don’t be such a Baby ” she said playing with his balls, she couldn’t wait she wanted him, Bob scooped her up placed her on the rug kissed her all over, his tongue gently licking her inside,  she laid there her arms thrown back over her head looking at her husband, stroking his head, sighing oh sighing for him.

Bob laid on her always asking “are you alright Darling”, “oh yes” she would sigh.  Bob raised her legs as high as he could, she gripped him and slowly at first he entered her it was as though he was teasing her, then oh then her sighing became louder, she would put her hand across her mouth, Bob would take it away kissing her he would tell her “there is no one here scream as loud as you want”.  Georgie wouldn’t scream but she would sigh louder.  Putting her hands all the way under her head, she was holding it because she always got a pounding in her head, more and more Bob was in her then she felt it slow down, with Bob saying to her “did it please you, Darling you were so ready so there”, “I just love you so Bob I want you all the time again oh p l e a s e”, she pleaded slowly as he laid beside her and she turned to him, her left hand stroking him, playing with his balls.


It seemed for ages they were just looking in each others eyes, she would always cry tears slowly falling down her cheeks “I’ll never understand women, never understand you, you cry when you’re sad you also do it when  you are happy”said Bob, “its us women we can’t help it, but I cry because I love you” she said snuggling into her Husband’s chest” just like a little girl.  “do you want your wine darling” Bob asked, Georgie nodded no, not being able to say the words she was too emotional.  “Georgie” said Bob so tenderly ” I know what this is all about, I do remember too you know, every year you I think I forget but I don’t, I don’t like seeing you get like this, we have just made love and more than likely will be doing it again very shortly what happened, happened nothing you done or I done caused it, that’s how it was” said Bob.  Georgie raising herself on her elbow looked at him with the tears flowing “do you realize He would have been Four years old now, Four, how life would have been different” said Georgie, Bob sitting up turned looked at his Wife and said “Georgie if all had gone well we would have had a Son, we did have a Son the only difference was He was stillborn He was still ourSon, we don’t have to explain anything to anyone, its our business, one day we will both be with Him” said Bob, “Our little Bobby” she said sitting up herself one arm around her Husband the other stroking his back.

“Come here” Bob said, gently pulling his Wife around to him until she was sitting on his lap, Bob lowered himself down with Georgie looking down at him, her breasts waiting to be touched by him, he took her breasts one at a time in his hands kissing them, feeling the firm nipples, while Georgie felt for her Husband, he guided her hand, his fingers slowly feeling her how soft she was how ready she was, then despite their sadness, they shared the love that had made their Son even though he had not lived, four years on and her sighing and her movements and Bob proving yet again how much he loved her with his Wife throwing her head back in delight, with Bob again showing his wife just how much he wanted her they were as much in love now as then.












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