“It’s Been One Year Plus, And Enlightening

Been Blogging now for over One Year, it does not seem that long, yet other times it seems I have been typing away here for too long.  I have met some wonderful people, had some interesting conversations, albeit over the Internet.  I have had some subjects that have been argued over, then it would indeed be a sad World if we all agreed on the same thing.

I have learned a lot and  am more than grateful to those kind people who have helped me along the way.  I will not embarrass them by mentioning them by name, they know who they are.

Perhaps, for some, I am too openly honest in what I write, for me there is no other way.  I write from my personal experiences, other times the words just come to me and I have to jot them down.

I love to write, for as long as I can remember I would write.  As a young Child I would write to my Nana in Ireland and just natter away.  My subjects vary from very personal experiences to my Poems on Nature, animals my Dog Daisy, Love found Love lost and Politics a subject that can cause friction but hopefully we are old eough not to fall out over such a subject as Politics.


I started Blogging, well to be honest I have no idea how it all started, one day I was suddenly using the Internet being taught by my Sons, I still don’t understand a lot about it, but anyway here I was “what shall I write”, my Sons told me “whatever you want”.  I was lost, life was well not easy  –  physical pain 24 hours a day can get one down – I found myself talking to lovely people, I shall never forget.

This is a Journey I have been on for over a Year there has been “ups and downs” but its been a year like no other Year.  A lot has happened, some incredible things have happened, this Journey continues, where it will take me well that’s the future I can’t predict that.

I would like to say “THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU” that have read my Blogs, followed them and are still following my Blogs.  I love reading the comments I receive, and grateful to all of you who take the time to comment.  It is, ALWAYS, appreciated Thank You again.




My Gift of Thank You to you all.





19 thoughts on ““It’s Been One Year Plus, And Enlightening

    1. Many thanks Opher, you know that. Its been in many ways a life changing year, inside me that is. I can’t explain it, I am not that good at explaining, but it’s been a Year where I have met some remarkable people from different Countries, people who have left great impressions on me. Where do I go from here, who knows.


  1. Just think! I knew you BEFORE you started blogging! We were emailing. 🙂 You know I’ve never seen that picture of young Rod in that orange shirt. He certainly was a handsome young man. How old was he, do you figure, when you saw him? Btw, I checked the tracking on your book. It’s supposed to be there the 15th. I’ll be really curious to see if any of it spurs you to write down your history. Keep up the good work, girlfriend. Still no word from the docs about your trip???


  2. “Perhaps, for some, I am too openly honest in what I write, for me there is no other way …other times the words just come to me and I have to jot them down.”

    I hope you know that your happiness with your writing is much more important than our opinions about your writing. You say you have always been a writer, therefore, you are the one who needs to express things with words. Congratulations on a year of doing what YOU love.

    Dear Anna, big hugs!

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