“Time Of The Month”

Well it’s that time

Of the Month again

No Ladies

Not that one


Worse than that

The Monthly

Clean out

Of my two Goldfish

“Holmes and Watson”


Although one would be

Better named as


For it’s size


I dread this task

Each Month

I had to do it

On my own today

My eldest Son working


Fairness to him

He usually cleans them

Last Month

I thought I would

Clean them on my own


My Eldest Son caught me

Was annoyed I was doing it

And to be honest

It causes me a lot of pain

I have “AS”

Anyone who has this

Will know what it is like

Back problems period

Are painful too


Well “Holmes and Watson”

Are cleaned for another Month

I am soaked

I am dirty

“From their dirt”

Now I’m heading for a Shower

And then a Cup of Tea







8 thoughts on ““Time Of The Month”

      1. Usually, if a tank is established, the gravel will have enough bacteria to break down the ammonia/nitrite to nitrate. Simple water changes without touching the gravel should be more than adequate.

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