“Lines of your Body”

I wake as though in dream

I stretch out my hand to look for you

Nobody there to touch

I wipe my eyes to clear them

and focus on the room


There you are

Sitting there

Your naked body sitting comfortably

The cane chair provides your comfort

Glass doors open

Gentle breeze blows in

white lace curtains flutter


You say nothing

I ask “why are you drawing me”

“Don’t move” you say

“I want to capture your body as you sleep”

I tell you I’m awake

“Just pretend you are asleep” you say


I must stay still

While you draw

Two naked people in our room

We should be making love

Yet  this is a sort of you loving me


I feel your fingers on my body

As each line you draw

Your eyes when they look at me

I recall all those years ago

I am older, we are older

Yet our love is there

You are making love to me

I feel each line you draw


7 thoughts on ““Lines of your Body”

  1. “Yet this is a sort of you loving me…” Oh Anna! That is just gorgeous! Truly RM worthy. In fact, I think this is my favorite thing that you’ve written. Do you mind if I copy it into my poem journal I wrote about?


  2. Cheryl, thank you so much for your more than kind words, in fact you had me crying all you said I can’t thank you enough, of course please copy into your journal I feel honoured that you would want to. I hope it is “R” worthy, for I wrote it in such a hurry last night you would not believe, I had my youngest Son calling down to me for his sheet, he had decided to change his bedding, I only left half of it out! I was trying to think what to write and the words seemed just to fall into place, I was pleased with it and I am so happy you liked it, thank you again.

    The book arrived and I had a quick look, I am just reading a lovely Gentleman’s book at the moment, soon as I finish I will read the book, I am looking forward to doing so, thank you for sending it to me, too generous.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! Thanks for letting me copy it. Will do it right now. You know, it kind of reminded me of the scene from “Titanic” here Leonardo DeCaprio as sketching Kate Winslet on the sofa.

      As to that book. It’s not one to be read straight through. A little three-page essay a day is good. It gives you time to ponder.

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      1. I must be one of the few people alive who have never seen “Titanic”, there was this song from it was there not, the taxi driver I had to take the Boys back and forth to school when David died, played it all the time, his step-daughter singing it – drove me mad.

        I am still so chuffed you liked the poem enough to want to copy it for your Journal.

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      2. It’s done and all copied into my journal. Just need to print it out and add it to my book. https://promptlings.wordpress.com/2016/08/31/old-poems-beautiful-words/

        And the movie was pretty good. I’ve always been fascinated with the Titanic. Visited the Titanic museum in Halifax a couple times. Haven’t made it to the cemetery there yet, though. I sometimes wonder what Thomas Andrews, managing director and head of the drafting department of the shipbuilding company Harland and Wolff in Belfast, Ireland who died in the disaster, and J. Bruce Ismay the designer and builder who jumped shipped and lived in disgrace the rest of his life, would think if they could see the behemoths that ply the seas now! We’ve been on three cruises, and none of those ships were as big as the one we’ll take from Southampton next year. The biggest one we were on held 3000 passengers if I remember right. This one in September holds over 6000. I can’t even begin to imagine…


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