“Never A Greater Need” By Walter Benton

“And Spring Returns”

There is none like you….I have loved before

even as you….and believed each story’s ending inconceivable

without certain death to follow as night follows day.


But here we are, deep in each other’s eyes….like children

in an unfolding fairy tale – and no less credulous.


The years have altered nothing….dulled the senses

nor discredited the magic:

Our moon will ever be a swarm of silver locust on a rolled sea –

our stars will be loud and many as autumn starlings


Be glad as I am glad, for we have learned that love recurs,

richer for its fallow interval.

The nightingale

sings no less wondrously this night for having sung another.


And need I say that I have known no sweeter lips than yours

nor ever wakened to a brighter morning than this beside you?

See, my touch is as forever first –

I enter breathless as a frightened thief stealing into a church.



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