“9/11 Forever Remembered”

September 11, 2001 the Day that changed our World forever, the Security we felt lost.  15 Years have passed by but we Remember, we must Remember all those Lives lost all the suffering, all the Bravery of those that worked tirelessly to save lives.  All those Firemen that walked into the burning buildings to rescue people, the same Firemen who walked to their deaths, but they did so doing their duty.  “No Greater Love hath Man than this, that a Man lay down his life for his Friends”.

Here in England, I remember and shall forever Remember switching on the TV as my Son shouted “put the tv on for the News, we are being attacked”, I had no idea what he was talking about, but I did so and I was glued I could not believe what I was seeing, it was surreal, it is still surreal.  As my Son rushed downstairs to me in the Living room we both stood there not believing what was happening in New York, where we the next target, no one knew.

We sat there and before our eyes another plane went straight into the other Tower, Jesus could this be true could it be?  All those innocent people on those two hijacked Planes, those people that had boarded their Planes happy looking forward to whatever they had planned, and then Terrorists with their own Mad Agendas, prepared to die for their ridiculous causes, taking lives innocent lives.  It was and we watched and watched the tv not daring to move, people running for their lives, the collapse of the first Tower and those poor people, those terribly poor people burned alive. Jumping out of windows and now the collapse.

The dust, the darkness people emerging covered in ash running, running – shards of glass flying through the air, paper millions of pieces of paper still burning. People trapped in the rubble, and yet still the Firemen came and entered the last Tower, walking in a straight line, walking in many cases to the Deaths, the Bravery oh God their Bravery who can forget.  The collapse of The Marriot Hotel and those that were trapped inside, 14 people saved by one man.

Last night, I watched with the same Son that I had watched 9/11 –  15 years ago, a programme about the events of 9/11 and relying once more all those scenes.  Never have I forgotten those poor desperate workers in the Towers, hanging out of windows flying towels I suppose, whatever they could find, even their shirts I suppose to show they were there, who could ever erase those scenes from one’s mind, how can one ever forget seeing those men women who threw themselves out of the windows, did they stay and be burned alive or did they jump, there was no other choice that was it, people stayed, people jumped.  So unreal at the time, looking back again last night still so unreal – but it was real we were watching the bravery of these thousands that died.  Again watching the Firemen coming out of the buildings, choking not being able to breathe and those Firemen that took their places – Firemen who walked into a building knowing they would not return.

America was under attack, but in attacking America those Terrorists were attacking all of us in the West who believed in Freedom.  We stood alongside America then and we stand alongside them now.  I had never seen anything like what happened on 9/11, born 1949 , four years after the end of the Second World War, I lived in Freedom, Wars took place elsewhere.  9/11 was an attack of War, America was under attack, its people were suffering.  Everywhere someone knew someone who had died on the day, no Town was untouched, even my Town was touched by the tragedy.

Looking back last night, brought back so many memories, the tears flowed as they did on that day.  I visited America back in the early 1970s and I fell in love with it, my feelings have not changed and as I sat last night and relived those horrific events, and watched the immense Bravery of all those that survived and all those that saved lives and all those that died saving lives and all those people in their thousands that died that horrific day.  9/11 will be Remembered.

I don’t know who will be elected as the new President, I don’t know who should win, it is not my Country but I do hope that the American people will have a President that will make them strong again, keep them the proud Nation that they are and most of all remain good Friends with my Country, the UK, because we remain a strong ally to America.

I remember 9/11 and I shall always remember 9/11.




12 thoughts on ““9/11 Forever Remembered”

    1. It is indeed a very troubling World, I am glad my Sons are all grown up, it must be a constant worry bringing yo young Children now. The Fanatics will not see “Paradise” as they believe, they will see Hell. All we can do is Pray, if you believe in God, that all these Terrorists acts will end.

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    1. Thank you for saying that. Indeed that Day was dark and the horrors still live with us, the courage of those that gave their lives still amazes me. Thank God those of us in the West who have our Freedom, we are stronger and support each other.

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  1. Thank you for your post Anna! I can only write so much before I start sobbing. Such a horrible day. The images are burned into my memories. I’m glad my children were young and hopefully do not remember being sent home from school. The fighter planes flying loudly overhead in a non flight path area. The huge jets circling above us. The images from New York and Washington, pain and sorrow

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