“Splash, Splash”

Wave after wave

Reminds me of memories

Meeting in the Park

Having lunch together every day


Splash, splash

Falling in Love

Knowing there was no one else

Needing to be together

Day and Night we made Love

Whether naked together

Or in our minds, apart


Splash, splash

Memories of our life together

Happy days and nights

Arguments and who to blame

Making up always the best part


Splish, splosh

Then the Children came along

We quickly had to grow up

Mummy and Daddy

Instead of Sue and Bob


Splish, splosh

How the years quickly went past

Children grown and gone

Then one day


We have Babies all over again


Splash, splash

Days and Nights quickly pass us by

I look at you still the handsome guy

You look at me and tell me nice lies

We are still in love

But age causes us to complain

Though every day we say “I Love You”


Splash, splash

My Darling’s Ashes

Float away

Soon to be with you

One of these days




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