“Problems Never End”

Do the problems ever end in this House of mine, the resounding answer is NO.  After a long day and again another visit to the Doctor’s Surgery, (yesterday afternoon) this time for Diabetic checkup my Annual one, was it going to go well?

For a start it is so Hot here in England, well at least the part of the Country where I live, and at least I live by the Sea  –  ten minute walk up the road to be exact.  Walking to my Surgery yesterday afternoon was a task for me, the Surgery is at the top of my Road, lucky me but that walk from my House to the Surgery oh boy it took its toll on me.  I have Heart Failure, and believe I am doing well, its all under control.  Until yesterday afternoon, soon as I set to walk to the Surgery I could feel a pulling in my chest, terrible pain in my back I have AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis) and OsteoArthritis and since about Spring I am having difficulty walking and my muscles are tightening  up because I do not exercise as much as I used to, despite I still do my Garden and look after a large House, well thank goodness I do that.

I digress, I had to keep stopping, more than usual and taking in deep breaths when I managed to get into the cool Surgery I was puffing much to my embarrassment.  I was quickly called for my examination and slowly walked down the corridor with the Nurse asking if I was alright.  I explained my Heart Failure and the heat, and she told me it was affecting many people who had gone into the surgery.  I had all the tests done urine/blood/blood pressure/pulse/height (lost height again)/weight (spot on as I have to weigh myself each morning because of the Heart probs), questions “do I smoke/have I ever” to which I gave NO.  Do I drink, yes occasional G&T which was acceptable.  Then my feet examined, and the warnings I know of in taking special  care of the feet.  When the special needle was tested on me to see if I felt it, five places on my left foot I did not have any feeling, two places on my right foot no feeling  –  what else I was very worried especially as I am having problems walking, I was told “don’t start panicking, it may be nothing, you have hard skin on your feet, could be that”.  Indeed I do have hard skin on my feet, just as I have rough hands, despite using creams/lotions nothing seems to work.

This was the first part of my Diabetic testing, second part in a couple of weeks?  Tomorrow I see my Doctor for more problems and answers I hope.  He ordered lots of blood tests last week, and I hope I may have the answers tomorrow.  He is bound to ask what the black bruising on my left arm is, as did the Nurse.  I fell off my  Ottoman where I sit(despite having a lovely comfortable soft chair in my bedroom, much to my Sons annoyance that I choose to sit on the ottoman and not the chair) when I come out of the bath early hours of the morning, I fall asleep and bang I am on the floor – this time I went crashing into a long glass tv table also hitting my head  –  am I still normal from that bang on the head, well I will say YES to that.  I would, wouldn’t I.

It was about 1.40am and I thought well a bit early for a change I shall get my bath,  a Clint Eastwood film was on tv “The Outlaw Josey Wales” and I did want to see that.  Stripped off ran my bath put lots of bubble bath under the hot water, swished it all around and could not wait to get into the bath, put on my cd player lay back and listen to my favourite (no surprise here) Rod McKuen.  Stepped into the bath and COLD, COLD, COLD,  unbelievable.  What the hell was going on, stepped out of the bath and shouted downstairs to my youngest Son, who was on the internet “No hot water”, “What” he shouted up, coming up the stairs  –  “No hot water, its cold, bloody cold” I said – both looking dismayed what could we do right now.  No choice I had to have my bath, only it was a quick bath, not the hour long one I love.  Woke this  morning to sore throat, what else.

This morning, my eldest Son who was trying to get to work, said he had gone up to the loft where the large cold water tank is and wiggled that thing in the tank that has to be above water level, no idea what it is called, anyway it did not work and the water was still cold.  Both the boys had quick cold showers, and my youngest called the Plumber.  Great firm of Plumbers, lad came out quickly, repaired the fault on the boiler, but we know sooner than later we will have to replace the boiler and most of the cast iron floor radiators, here when we came – two of these radiators are on all the time, which means we have windows wide open/fans on all the time in these two bedrooms, talk about cost.  My eldest Son discovered when he went in the loft this morning, the light had been left on in the loft, since that last person up there when we had a problem then (dare not say to my Son who had just been up there that he  was the last one up there, in February – my youngest Son terrified of spiders and enough in the loft I suspect and I was not allowed up the ladder  –  that would account for the Electricity bill I guess?).  We have lived in this house 35 years and the boiler, housed in the boiler house in the garden, was here when we came.  Quick estimate £4/5,000 but we would have to have it measured up etc and the boiler would be smaller and could go in the “walk in” airing cupboard in the bathroom, which would be better.  It has taken time this morning/early afternoon but “Mission Accomplished, We Have Hot Water” yes, yes, yes.

My late Husband used to say to people “life is never boring with Anna” (me) not quite sure if that was a compliment or not, but one thing I do know, “Life Is Never Boring In This House Not With All That Goes Wrong And The Money One Has To Pay Out To Keep It Going”, the house is about 94 years old  –  the question is “will I survive that long, probably not”.


13 thoughts on ““Problems Never End”

  1. Hope your health improves and you find a way to replace the hot water heater. I find repairs like that usually pay for themselves over the long run. Hopefully the long run will be a short run in this case.

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    1. Thank you for your kind wishes. It is such a large house, when things go wrong the worries start, but I don’t like to leave repairs for too long as it always cost more in the end. This will have to be sorted for sure. Thank you for looking at my Blogs.

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  2. I hope that the weather cools down and you feel better soon, Anna. Houses are one giant money pit, aren’t they? I’ve taken to Google to try to figure out how to fix things. Sometimes I’m successful, more times than not I’m calling the plumber. 🙂

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    1. I try to fix what I can, my eldest Son does do bits and pieces. When it comes to plumbing and electricity, I would cause more damage. Jonathan, my eldest renewed all the smoke detectors in the house, thats a good job done. Thank you for your good wishes, I was booked to go to San Francisco next month but this year its been one health prob after another, seeing Dr tomorrow so decision this weekend. My youngest Son wants me to rebook for next Sept as he feels this will be too much of a rush and not feeling too great. Sorry this must be all too boring for you, my apologies.

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  3. I’m having trouble with my left foot, too, Anna. It’s crazy. My sugar has been so weel controlled for so long and yet it can still be doing damage… You’ve had a crappy few days. {{{Anna}}}


    1. Told by Dr not fit to go but should be fine for next year, he is talking about injection in my knee, but when? Querying if I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, but confirmed I have Spondylitis, it does not make sense, I have a severe curvature OsteoArthritis, the pain he says is going from my lower back to my right hip down to my right leg – this is all AS but he is trying to prove he is right and I am wrong, while I need help. I will do his exercises and keep having these blood tests he wants, he is talking about increasing my Morphine patch yet again.

      I am sad and down today that I am not going to be in SF in a few short weeks, but I must plan now for next year. I am not going to let this beat me. Thanks for your concern, I do appreciate that. Re costs of keeping houses going you are so right.

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      1. Have you had a second opinion on your health? When I have been confronted with obstacles I find a second voice gives me a better perspective on what to do next. Doctors do offer different solutions …

        Sorry about SF, could you manage something closer to home to have a break in a month or two? Much care and speedy recovery

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  4. Thank you Kate, I am rebooking for San Francisco for next year I will not let this beat me. You are right about Second Opinion, my youngest Son has been on at me for quite some time now to go private to see a GP and find out all that is wrong. Must admit I would not mind a break for say maybe seven days, shall have to see. Hope you are ok.


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