“Sundays, I Hate You”

Sundays oh Sundays

How I hate you so

Can’t have a lay in

“Ocado” come to deliver shopping

Early oh no


Washing of course

Coffee after Coffee

Got to keep going

That’s what I’m told




This week cardboard

My youngest Son

Had Electrical items

Delivered last fortnight

Box after box

None small


With boxes

Comes Polystyrene

That awful white stuff

You try to break it up

It goes everywhere

Council won’t take it

So skip on its way


Food waste box filled

Its appalling the wastage

This house creates

The box was overflowing

Much to my shame

Wastage of food

When people go without


More cardboard boxes

Everywhere I look

Now what?

Can’t believe it

In one what  HAS MY DOG DONE

Toys in the boxes

Fluffy animal toys

No heads, she rips off

That’s what she loves to destroy

Spiders in box no doubt in the toys

Toys stay in the garden

Daisy goes inside


Sunday oh Sunday

How I have always hated you so

The only good memory

Of Sundays I have

Are Church Bells

I would listen to

As a child in the Garden

Bells of the Church down Alton Road

Near where I lived



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