“I Can Sit Here”

I can sit here

It seems for hours

Watching you as you sleep

So soundly it appears at first

But then you’ll stir

Your face contorts in pain

Your head you’ll move

From side to side

The pillow falls to the floor

“No, no, please” you cry

Your face tells the story

I’ll leave the chair I sit upon

Lift the pillow from the ground

Place it softly under your head

Then I’ll wipe your brow

Kiss your sweet gentle face

Slowly you’ll return to sleep

I listen to your breathing

If I could take

Your pain away

I’d do it in an instant

What people do

To cause such pain

Memories bad that live within

That haunt in our darkest hours

If I had the magic

To remove such memories

I would do so my Love

Let me watch you

Ease your pain throughout these hours

Show you how much

I love you

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