“Me, At Last”

Now I realize

I am me

Do you think it odd of me

To say such a thing

Embarrassed I say

I even like myself

Talked down for so long

Why did I let it be

Who was I

A Wife

A Mother

A Daughter

A Sister

But who was I

Not Me

Now the years have flown by

More behind

Than in front of me

But now I like me

Compliments received

Still hard to accept

Are they telling truths

Really, they like me?

Vulnerable, Innocent

Walked on

Silly  –  Me

Argh, if only

Clock I could turn back

But No, that’s gone

I have to look what is in front

Get tough

But not hard

Never hard, too soft for that

Think of Me for a change

Put Me First

Fool that I’ve been

In the Past

Now look ahead

Fulfill my Dreams

For Me, just Me

I like Me

At Last


10 thoughts on ““Me, At Last”

  1. “Get tough But not hard” You know what, Anna? I’m having a little bit of a problem with this lately. Seems like whenever I try to stand up for myself the way folks say I should, I turn into someone I don’t like. Go figure… This is something new for me.

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  2. So beautiful and true …. we all like you!
    Being assertive is not tough, as you get more comfortable with it you become more skilful and then even if others are confronted they will later be grateful that you didn’t let them walk over you.

    Liked by 1 person

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