“Better Not Happen Again”

Why not she wondered, why not have a break I deserve it she told herself.  Alexandra had been through weeks, well at least two weeks of hell.  How could He, He being the Husband she had loved still loved for all these years, she had been faithful and she believed he had been faithful to her, what a fool she told herself,  “oh what a bloody fool I have been, I should have known, perhaps I did know” she said to herself.

So that evening returning home from her job she had made her mind up she would take a long weekend, she had time owing to her and Barney – her sweet old boss – agreed like a shot when she asked him, “of course you can, you do enough for me you don’t have regular hours you just work and save my backside from time to time”, Barney said laughing his head off, cigar in one hand puffing away, with Whiskey glass in the other hand, that’s how Barney did business, good business he was successful and made plenty of money,  Alexandra never had to worry about how much she made, Barney was a great Boss, he saw her right.

When Alexandra entered the Apartment she shared with her Husband, Pete she knew in an instant he was not home, where was he “with her” she said out loud, she switched the lights on threw her keys in the big bowl on the Console Table inside the door, kicked her shoes off and headed to the bedroom.   As she started to undress, purring away on the bed was her ever faithful “Minxie” her cat, “let me strip off and I’ll get your food Minxie, have you been a good girl today, slept a lot I expect”.   Of late Minxie was far better company than Pete.   Alexandra undone her black skirt as it slid to the floor she undone the little Pearl buttons on the cream silk blouse she had on – she let it slip from her shoulders down to her arms until that too slid to the floor.  As Alexandra sat on the bed Minxie wanted  to play “oh no not yet Darling, let me get my stockings off and get a bath and then we will play.  She slowly removed her stockings one at a time, thinking how Pete liked to do that for her kissing her thighs as he done so.  Alexandra walked to the bathroom  to run the water in the tub returning to the bedroom she she lowered each strap on her Black lace bra until she was able to undo the bra and threw it on the bed, the freedom of her breasts not being restricted was wonderful, dropping her panties and stepping out of them Minxie jumped from the bed and circled Alexandra’s legs, always calmed her down, how a cat can calm you is so good she thought.  She walked to the kitchen opened the fridge – the chill of the fridge on her naked body made her laugh, “come on Minxie, dinner” she called to her cat, Minxie wasted no time in eating the food that had been put out for her.   Alex, as Pete referred to his Wife slowly walked to the bathroom  poured her Lavender bubble bath under the water and stepped into the bath lowering herself slowly into the hot water she so loved.


Chapter Two   –   “Falling For It Again?”

As Alex laid back in the tub, closing her eyes trying to understand why Pete had done what he had to her, she heard the door of the Apartment close, for that instant she froze scared, petrified she could not move then the familiar voice “Is that you Darling, are you home, are you in the tub”, it was Pete who else.  “You stupid idiot Pete you frightened the life out of me, I did not expect you home, I thought someone had broken in I couldn’t move” Alex said.  Pete stood in the doorway of their bathroom looking down at his Wife his eyes taking in the form of her body, “where did you think I would be why wouldn’t I come home” he said, Alex splashing him “hey Alex” he said wiping his face, “well what the hell did you expect you cheat on me, how many times before, for all I knew you would stay with her not want to come home”.  Sitting on the side of the tub Pete realized what an absolute bloody fool he had been, apart from being with Alex all these years, look at her she was so beautiful he loved her, he loved everything about her, her mind her kindness her body, on that last thought Pete put his right hand in the tub swishing the water feeling for his Wife, feeling Alex’s smooth legs, her body “stop it right there Pete, it’s not going to work” Alex said, as Pete’s fingers slowly felt his Wife he moved down the tub lent over to her kissing her by now firm nipples then his Wife’s mouth,  Alex pushed him away and sat forward ” what do you think you are doing do you think it is that easy for me”, “I know it’s not” Pete said ” I know what a fucking fool I have been and I doubt you will believe me when I say it has never happened before, you do know that Alex and I swear, I swear on Minxy’s life it will never happen again”.

Alex stood up in the bath, Pete looking at her naked body she pulled him to her pulling his jacket off undoing his trousers and then tugging at his shirt the two of them getting the shirt off, Pete dropping his pants, there he stood, he took his soaking Wife in his arms, as Alex lowered herself back into the tub she told him “get in, I have to be a fool, tell me I am”, kissing his Wife “no I’m the fool it meant nothing can you believe me, looking at you touching you, washing you like this I will never do it again”.  “Is it famous last words” she thought but she loved him no matter how much she said she hated him she did love him. As the water ran down her body Pete kissed her mouth, his tongue licked her neck her breasts, while Alex played with Pete’s balls”  “gently” he told her.  “Maybe I won’t be so gentle” she said, laying  back in the water waiting for Pete, as he slowly pulled his Wife towards him, ready for her.


Chapter Three   –   “Too Much Love”

As Alex and Pete lay naked in bed, duvet and pillows on floor, sheet tossed all over Minxie in her bed, the little cat covering her eyes perhaps.  Alex told Pete she had a long weekend off, “well then why don’t we fly off somewhere just for those few days, somewhere you have always wanted to go” said Pete, turning her body to Pete, and stroking his chest and fiddling with the hair on his chest  Alex said “are you serious, you know where that is Pete don’t you”, “yes I know” he said, “I’ll book the flights and Hotel if you want, Sicily its where you have always wanted to go the romantic Island, I’ll make it up to you Darling I promise” said Pete, snuggling into her Husband’s arms she told him “you better, it can’t happen again Pete”, “it won’t” he said.  Pulling Alex down in the bed and lifting her legs high until wrapped around his body, Pete said to her “do you want to fool around, or shall I make love to you”, “make love to me, always make love to me” she said as he kissed her, his left hand  holding her breast, slowly  squeezing her nipple whilst his right hand felt inside Alex, no fear she was ready.

Minxie, well she leapt from her bed ran to the Living room jumped on the Sofa and thought, this is going on all night I might as well go to sleep.   There certainly was no sleep going on in the bedroom.

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