“Autumn And Warm Sunshine”

Dark mornings

Street Lights come on

Autumn’s arrived

But Sunshine outside

Heat as you sit there

People walk on Beaches

Even swim in Sea

All so confusing

For the Birds

And for me



6 thoughts on ““Autumn And Warm Sunshine”

    1. Boy, you can say that again! We had a tornado here yesterday about 4:00. We NEVER have them here next to the mountains. Damaged 50 homes, destroyed 12. No injuries.They were the highest sustained winds ever recorded along the Wasatch Front — 89 mph. The weather is so weird. And it was blacker than the ace of spades out. Had to turn the lights on!

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      1. Lost a few shingles off the roof and the trees took a beating, but it just missed us. We don’t have the shutters up yet. Gotta order them. Still trying to decide what color will go best with the yellow we used. I wish I would have seen it! It was an F1 they said.

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