“Next Time, Be More Assertive”

Why did I?

Now my Hair is an Autumn colour

I do like it I must admit

The colour, that is

But why oh why

When you ask for a certain cut

Even show a picture

Of the style you want

They never do it

The Stylists always

Cut and style as they want

I wanted it razor cut

So I could have it sticking up

But no, its not as thin

As I would want

And just swept back

Trouble is I don’t speak up

“This is what I want”

I should say

What do I do

I always say “that’s lovely”

When its not what I want

You idiot I tell myself

When I leave the Salon

Put your foot down

Say what you want

Next time, yes next time

I’ll be more assertive

Hey, look to the Sky

Look at the Pigs flying by!!






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