“Remembering You”

My Love will never end

I may not see you

Or hear your voice

But you are there

By my side

Always with me

Throughout the days

Throughout the nights

The brightest Star

In the Sky is You

Each night I will look

Remembering you

Today I remember

All we had

The Love you gave me

The love I had for you

Will never end

The days

The months

And Years will pass

But my Love for you

Will always last




For my beautiful Friend “P”  –  Remembering you on this Special Day


3 thoughts on ““Remembering You”

  1. Your words were perfect in describing how I feel about my sister who died at the age of 50. I hope you won’t mind me re-blogging it in memory of my great love for her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not at all, I feel very honoured that you have chosen to re-blog. I am so sorry that you have lost your Sister, I can see how very much She meant to you. She will always, always be with you, look to the Sky at night She will be the Brightest Star looking down at you. I believe that. Take care of yourself and again Thank You for the honour. God Bless.


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