“Too Old To Fall In Love?”

Too old to fall in love

Try to recapture

What it was like

Being in Love

The excitement

The emotional feeling

Within yourself

Wanting to be loved

Wanting to be touched

Simple things

Too old to fall in love

To have those feelings

Just one more time

One more time

Before you depart this Earth

Too old to be loved

Too old to fall in love?


15 thoughts on ““Too Old To Fall In Love?”

  1. Never too old! Some of the most delightful Romances I’ve seen happen in nursing homes … do wonder how they manage to consummate it when they are so frail. But the heart strings pull and their life lights up, never give up hope! Clue – you may need to go out to actually meet someone?

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  2. Kate, I like being a Romantic, I am proud to be a Romantic. Perhaps we need more romantics in the World then there might not be so much hatred As for “trying” I am a loner always have been always will be, not saying it wouldn’t be nice to be loved by a man but I thought I had that, foolishly believed that for 16 years as a Widow as well.

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    1. I won’t tell you how old I am, I guess that’s silly I should, but despite my Sons still living at home and the three of us get on so well and the house is large so we are not in each others way, I hope before I leave this earth that I might, just might find someone apart from the boys who really loves me.

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      1. I think that sometimes people may be too young for love, but never too old. You are wonderful, Anna, and I’m sure that there’s a lucky many who will experience all of the beautiful elements of love and love making that you write so well about.

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  3. You are so sweet and such a Gentleman you really are. I had chances Rob but I stupidly went for the man who became my Husband 30 years older than me, which never worried me at the time. It did not help that I was very shy, totally innocent came from Catholic Irish background so you behaved , believe me I still have the scars physically and mentally my Mother left me with. So I became a Loner, friends I made were discouraged by my Mother “you have a sister you don’t need anyone else” I was told (hate my so called sister, long story) as a child especially growing up in the 1950s (now you have my age near enough) first time I showed signs of independance I was hit for it so you learn. Maybe there is someone out there who knows. I am just grateful for meeting some nice people on the internet, I am so happy to have met you and for all the lovely things you say, now you have me in tears so I better stop. Thank you Rob


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