“An Autumn Remembered”

As I smell Autumn

Watch the Season’s Fruits

Fall to the hard ground

Where Squirrells wait

To nibble as many Pears, Apples and Plums

That they can

Where Blackbirds watch

And wait their turn

Autumn and its colours

Early Sun late afternoon chill

I remember another Autumn

All those years ago

When I was 22 years

Autumn and the sights of New Hampshire

The Reds, Oranges, yellow so beautiful

The Leaves that fell

The leaves I kept

In my Journal went

The local Store

Barrels of Apples either side of the door

So American Β to me

The Flag that flew proud

It was the height of Vietnam

“Camelot” LP we listened to

I loved New Hampshire

It was a September

I will never forget

Vowed one day I would go back

Still waiting for that day to come

Autumn and its colours

Its fruit, its smells

A Season to surprise




Just because I so love the Song, hope you enjoy as much as I have. Β By the way if you have not recognized the singer (sure you have) its Van Morrison, and Β The Chieftains.





5 thoughts on ““An Autumn Remembered”

  1. I wonder if you SHOULD consider New Hampshire in the fall. No doubt it would cost less. And it is truly gorgeous. That’s a nice video. I love The Chieftains. Here’s another you may like. His name is Peter Hollens and he does all his own harmonizing. I love this guy.

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    1. Thank you for the link, such a voice. His version of “Danny Boy” so touching. Brought back a good memory. Had it played for me by an Irish Band in Killarney the Hotel we stayed in one year, always makes me cry. The following year we returned to Ireland but stayed in Kinsale, one night we went out to Dinner and yet again the Restaurant had musicians without the knowledge of David and myself, Jonathan who was only young asked them to play “Danny Boy” for his Mother and Father, what a moment and many tears – lovely memory, that was the September in the December David Died.

      I would like to return to New Hampshire maybe one day.

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