“A Part Of My Life”

Perhaps there is something to be said for the old days, when we had no Internet.  Of course it is a wonderful thing the Internet, opens the World to us, perhaps too much at times.  When once we relied on books or newspapers or Libraries to keep us informed, now at the touch of a button all we want to know is there in front of us to read.

The internet is also dangerous too much can be available to young children and children as they grow.  Here in the UK many a child has been murdered by meeting someone on the internet, meeting them and then well we all know what came next.  One can see violence depicted on the internet, a lot more as well.  I love Politics and News and for me the Internet keeps me up to date, right there and then.

A longing for information available so readily can make you smile can make you cry better off not knowing sometimes.  The temptation is always there the internet available in every home near enough, who can resist not going on the internet for a few minutes a day, that few minutes stretches to an hour or more, coffee after coffee as you type away.  We have a health problem we look it up on the internet, big mistake.  We want to check spellings etc we look it up, the biggest thing perhaps these days especially here in the UK as our High Streets are trying to cope with the onslaught of Amazon and the likes.  We shop via the internet, and I don’t believe anyone who says they have never purchased an item online.  I am guilty of doing that, I even do my weekly shop via online shopping “Ocado” no plug intended.

Now we are being plagued with “Christmas” already and who has not started shopping online already for that big day, one day, or making their lists of what to buy.   The Internet how on earth can we ever do without it.  I have only been using the Internet now for a couple of years, I can only do “basic” things, majority of it all is still a mystery to me in particular if a problem crops us, then I call for help.  My Sons have bought me two Laptops, an IPad all of them I still don’t understand that much.  I prefer to use one of my Son’s own Computers, I sit at his desk when he is not working, he has it all set up for me, my own page I guess its called.

I love to write, I found solace in it.   A very long time ago, I was encouraged by a wonderful Poet to write and I have never stopped.  You have to love writing, and you have to write each day, at least I have too.  I will be doing other things and suddenly words come into my head, a Poem that I must put down.  I keep my Journal and a day to day Diary, part of me  –  if I go away on holiday they come with me, always have a notebook/pen or just paper perhaps in my bag, words come to me I must jot down, then type when I get home.

My youngest Son calls out to me “you’re not on there again”, I’ll be cooking the dinner, or trying to and suddenly have to run to type something or look something up, is the Internet too much a part of my life now, I guess it is.  It seems to dominate my life a little too much, I neglect my home and gardens that makes me feel guilty.  The Internet pulls me to her (its always a her isn’t it).

I started blogging just over a year ago now, I don’t regret it, I have met some extraordinary people, some wonderful people and some beautiful good Friends, I thank those that have opened my eyes to so many different things, taught me so much, even when  sometimes one can clash with another disagree over this or that, you still want that friendship.  Friends have made me laugh, brought tears to my eyes  out of joy, some out of upsetting me but mostly they have brought so much pleasure into my life.   I am a Loner but I’m never lonely,  I have always found it difficult to meet people/make friends  –  so those Friends I have made I treasure and I hope we will always be Friends for these days finding a true Friend is not easy, even for those who are more outgoing than I am.

All of this brought to me by the Internet, even though these days there are times I have a hankering for the 1950s/60s when I was a Child and a Teenager, my goodness how much I would miss the Internet it has opene




11 thoughts on ““A Part Of My Life”

    1. Likewise. Trouble is Rob I get on here look at the clock says 11am next time I look its 3pm or worse, the house/gardens get neglected, saying that when it comes to housework one of your fans said she looked at one of your sites and she got the whole house cleaned!! I think I had better find that one of yours, this house needs cleaning.

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    1. Its not the same is it Sheldon, that excitement there perhaps still is in the big Cities, like London. Making a special trip for Christmas Shopping and Lunch, have not done it now for a few years. Take care of yourself. Anna.

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