“Not Yet”

The cold evenings have descended

No Street lights from midnight

Dark and cold and windows closed

Was it but a week or two ago

Those same windows opened wide

Long evenings and blue sky outside

Then watching the Sunset and stunning Moon

Now Moon surrounded in a haze

Autumn here but Winter will soon come

No heavy rain please no more damage to be done

I love Autumn and the colours on the ground

I dread Winter so soon it will arrive

Once I never minded the cold or the snow

Now I dread those cold nights

Still one can rush to bed

From towelling oneself from hot bath

Pull covers nearly over head

Large double bed all to myself

Soon, but not too soon please

I will have to succumb to nightdress

I have always loved the feel of sheets upon bare skin

Bad enough getting old

But no nightdress yet please

So to bed and feeling cosy and warm

To dreams that help through the pain

To music I play as I fall asleep

Sleep but first I dream

Albeit on my own


6 thoughts on ““Not Yet”

  1. I dislike the winter so. I do like the idea of sitting next to a fireplace to warm up. And I agree with you, no night dress, no night shirt. The comforter on bare skin is bliss! Beautiful poem as always, Anna.

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  2. Thank you as ever. There is nothing like a real fire – we have fireplaces in this house even the bedrooms, but my late Husband had them closed off, sad as I love the sight and feel of a fire so romantic. How did I guess you would like bare skin on the bedding, I hate being all tied up don’t you I mean by clothes.

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