“It’s Been A Lovely Day”

So far its been such a good day for me

Had my Annual Diabetic Review

And told everything was excellent

I was the “Gold Star” for the day

Last time I had one was at School

Oh so long ago  was that

Came back from Surgery

More Blood Test Sheets

What with the ones I had yesterday

and Two weeks ago

I will be running out of blood!

Decided to take “Daisy”

Our Rescue Cross Lurcher/Alsatian

For a long walk

Was I mad, would my back hold up?

Well we shall see

Through the Churchyard of St James we went

All the Trees that lined the Churchyard what a view

Such glorious colours on trees and ground

Hardly anyone there apart from us two

And a little old Lady we, or Daisy, stopped to talk to

Past the Police Station (there in the top windows

you can see them playing snooker as usual)

Walking past Clacton General Hospital

How fortunate are we top of our road

Is the Surgery, across the road St James

Then the “Cop Shop” and finally the Hospital

Down to the end of the road

And across to our Promenade and Gardens

Still not allowed on the Beaches

But Daisy led me everywhere

That she goes to when my youngest Son

Calls “walkies”

We passed not quite a dozen Dogs

And I had to rein her in

We walked and walked

Forgot money to buy us ice creams

Forgot my phone to take pictures

Always next time, always

The Sun so strong

The breezes just so lovely

The Sea glistening

The Sand lovely white

The views, wow they were good

I am lucky to live here

People would say

Long walk and climb, climb we did

Up Wash Lane

Not quite San Francisco but will do for practice

Finally turning into Vicarage Gardens

Daisy off her lead and there she is

Slowly walking to the gates

“let me in, let me in” she cried

Fed Daisy, fed “Holmes and Watson”

Finishing this

Daisy now sound asleep by my side

In her cosy bed

As for me hopefully a cold drink

Yes, for once I can say

I have really enjoyed the Day

So far (ever the pessimist!)




17 thoughts on ““It’s Been A Lovely Day”

    1. Promise you I will take the phone with me next time. I understand your name is Robbie, is that correct, may I call you that. Have to be honest I have never liked Clacton-On-Sea where I live but I also appreciate how lucky I am compared to where some people have to live. Vicarage Gardens where I live is very quiet, everyone keeps to themselves.

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      1. Yes, Anna, I go by Rob, but Robbie works equally as well. 🙂 I will hold you to your promise! lol I live in New England and in a rural area. I grew up in Boston, but love the quiet of the country.

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    1. I am tired today and poor Daisy is still worn out, we were walking for 2hrs 30mins and the Sun was shining, unlike today it is raining here. It all looked so lovely and I will take my phone with me next time get some pics. These new exercises the Dr gave me seem to be hitting the spot for me, I always did my own exercises but I obviously needed these ones. Nature is a better medicine than all the tablets I have to take. Hope all the Family are well Linda.

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      1. We’re having rain as well Anna….heavy thunderstorms came through over night…right now my road is under water………
        Kids are all doing well Anna, thank you,for asking….I’m itching to see them all…hopefully it won’t be to much longer!!!’

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    1. Yes I am doing the exercises the Dr gave me, they seem more specifically for my back, whereas the exercises I always did maybe were not helping the back that much. We will see how we go, but I did enjoy yesterday, of course the Sun made such a difference.

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  1. Yes Cheryl, but for the first say 10 minutes of walking I get heaviness in my chest, what it is the organs are being pushed forward by my spine so its very uncomfortable, does go off after a while. I just have to push myself with these exercises Dr gave me.


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