“One Deep Sleep”

She had been in a deep sleep, probably enjoying a dream and suddenly here she was woken, admittedly one of the nicest ways to be woken she said.  Opening her eyes there he was laying next to her, the gorgeous Green/Blue eyed handsome man that she had fallen in love with, how could she resist him.

“How long have you been awake and like that” Sara asked looking down at him – him being Mike Everidge the Photographer she had met at a Photographic Exhibition the start of the year.   “oh about half hour” he told her, Sara turning from her back to face him sideways she asked him “half hour what have you been doing, why didn’t you wake me”, laughing he replied “Sara I was just watching you sleep, do you know how beautiful you are asleep, and of course the question is don’t you like being woken like this”, with his right hand between her thighs, of course she did “what a way to be woken how could I complain” she said.   As he so slowly licked her nipples there was no way that she was going to complain, “what brought this on Mike it can’t just have been watching me sleep”, “not fully” he said “Sara I took some photos of you sleeping, if you object I won’t develope them” said Mike, “I would like to see them though, what were you thinking just snapping away” asked Sara.  “It’s the contour of your body asleep it was even more appealing, then of course how could I possibly resist you, you so quickly were aroused” said Mike kissing her fully on the mouth.

“Would you like some coffee Sara”, “no” she replied “right now I would much rather have you,”  holding his penis in her hands .  Mike quickly turned Sara onto her back again, pulled the pillows from under her head , slowly his tongue licking her body he pulled her body down lifted her legs as high as they would go licked the inside of her thighs as she sighed, she then held them tight around Mike “give me your hand” he said “Sara feel how soft and silky you are” as he then entered her.   Sara’s head was pounding her stomach was tumbling over and over “look at me Sara just look at me, keep your eyes on me”asked Mike, as Sara did just that it was wonderful, it was great oh she wanted him more and more, the explosions within her body her mind everywhere seemed to be throbbing  “don’t stop, whatever you do don’t stop darling” she cried, with no reply from Mike he kept his word to her for as long as he could until they were both exhausted  – “oh Mike that really is some way to wake up” laughed Sara.  They laid there in the double bed in Sara’s bedroom of her apartment, nice apartment not too big but it was plenty big for Sara besides it was all she could afford, she had it furnished nicely simple plain, even though this was New York  1960s, JFK was dead, Bobby Kennedy hadn’t quite made his mind up whether or not he was going to run for President, Bobby wanted to see the end of LBJ and most of all the end of the Vietnam War.

Mike had covered Vietnam, twice, still reeling from the horrors he saw.  That was part of the Photographic Exhibition Sara had seen it was Mike’s work that was on show.  She had been standing in the gallery looking at poor children in the Appalachians, “disgusting to think that all we have now and this situation is still going on”, she had muttered to herself when Mike happened by “I agree with you totally” he said, they both laughed introduced themselves and shook hands, that’s how it started and here they were now making love, or just had.

It was a very good night the night they met, so many famous people were there.  Sara felt out of place but tried unsuccessfully to convince herself she was as good as the rest there, when Mike came along it all changed.  “Do you like photography Sara” he had asked of her “well yes I do but I will be honest my Boss gave me his tickets one for me and a guest, I just came on my own, he unfortunately forgot that he and his Wife had prior engagement so rather than waste the tickets he handed them to me, sorry” she said.  “Don’t be sorry Sara, I am glad you came, otherwise we would not have met and I would have been stuck all night with many of these overbearing people” said Mike, Sara put her hand to her mouth to prevent herself laughing outloud.  “Who is your Boss, Sara” asked Mike, “Jacob Rothmeyer do you know him, he is terribly sweet and very kind to me, took me under his wing, his Wife also she is so lovely, do you know them” she asked, “Just a little, he is the Attorney who won that rather intricate art forgery case a few months back, right” asked Mike, “yes that’s correct, I am his Secretary” answered Sara, “oh I see well I better watch myself” answered Mike.

As they laid there in Sara’s apartment in the double bed Sara wrapped in Mike’s arms she was happy and content to stay there with him, like that, he too was just as happy to have her in his arms.  Mike liked staying at Sara’s apartment, it was cosy, tidy and very homely unlike his place which was a complete mess.  Looking at Sara, he gently placed a kiss on her forehead, she stirred slightly sighed and let her fingertips run  over his chest.  No one but Sara could make him feel like this and yet his life was not all straight forward he travelled so much, covering War conflicts a lot it would not be fair on her.

Sara in love with Mike and Mike head over heels in love with her  –  their future, who knew?  Sara stirred spreading her hand out she suddenly opened her eyes, “Mike” “where are you darling where are you”, no answer came back no sign of Mike.   Sara sat up in bed, swinging her legs over the edge of the bed, naked  she could smell Mike on herself, rubbing her eyes she called for him “Mike please where are you” confused she felt between her thighs she was wet soft silky as Mike said but where is he.   “NO, NO, NO this was real I felt Mike inside me, I held his erect penis in my hands, we made love this was not a dream certainly not a fantasy” cried Sara.  “Mike” she was now sobbing.




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